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Spring Special Exhibition Tea Tie Bowl Bond
Saturday 4 March – Sunday 25 June 2017

The encounter between Sen Rikyû and Raku Chôjiriô marks the outset of a long relationship between the Sen families and the Raku family strengthened even after Rikyû’s tragic death.
Another important encounter in the Raku family circle was with Hon’ami Kôetsu. Since the Raku workshop had no privilege of being a patronized kiln of any feudal lords at the time, Raku Dônyû III, now considered as one of the most skillful craftsmen among the Raku generations, was in constant need in his days, according to Hon’ami family’s chronicles, Hon’ami Gyôjôki, reading ‘the current generation is badly off, even more so than his father’.
Kôetsu eagerly helped his Raku contemporaries by introducing them to powerful feudal lords of the Tokugawa and Maeda clans.   The family tie between Hon’ami and Raku was even more reinforced because of the same religious belief in Nichiren Buddhism practiced by both families.

‘En’, a word in Japanese, literally means bonds or ties, with an original Buddhist connotation of ‘binding one thing to another’. The Raku family tradition and history have continued till today thanks to the presence of numerous ties cultivated through centuries, and more will be formed in future. With a sincere awareness of and gratitude for these ‘En’ given to the family, Raku future generations would humbly continue the tradition in the years to come in this transitional world.

This exhibition highlights a selection of teabowls born out of Raku familial connection with others, from a frequent collaboration between Raku generations and Sen tea masters, to the latest between the current generation Raku Kichizaemon XV and the 15th generation Sakukura Shinbei of Hagi wares.

We hope that this exhibition will give us a chance to grow more ties with as many people as possible.

Works on Display
Admission: Adults ¥1,000
University students ¥800, High School students ¥400,
free admission under Juniour High School students
Closed: Mondays(except National Holidays)
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