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40th Anniversary of the Raku Museum
New Year Exhibition: From the Collection of the Raku Museum

Saturday 6 January – Sunday 11 March 2018

The Raku Museum was founded in 1978 by Raku Kakunyū XIV and 2018 celebrates its 40th anniversary.
450 years have passed since Chōjirō produced a tea bowl, which was unprecedentedly avant-garde in style and later given a name Raku ware, to encapsulate the wabi tea aesthetics conceived and established by Sen Rikyū.
Throughout its long history, the Raku family has been passing down a vast collection of works made by Raku successive generations that has been formed as a resource from which future generations can learn the Raku tradition in order to establish their individual style.
Kakunyū XIV committed himself to found the Raku Museum by opening the Raku family collection to the public, with a strong vision to propagate a unique quality intrinsic to the Japanese culture particularly evident in the world of tea ceremony as well as in the art of tea, including Raku tea bowls and various other tea utensils, not only for the sake of Raku future generations but also for all the coming generations who will visit the museum.
He passed away only two years after he saw the foundation of the museum due to stressful overwork in the process, but his spirit has been inherited to his son, the current head Raku Kichizaemon XV.
This exhibition celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Raku Museum, featuring a selection of works associated with the New Year.
We hope that the late Kakunyū would be able to deliver his spirit and a wishful message through this exhibition.

Works on Display
Closed: Mondays (except National Holidays)
Admission: Adults ¥900
University Students ¥700
High School Students ¥400
Under Juniour High School free admission
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