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Tea Ceremony

For more information and bookings, please call the Sagawa Art Museum, Tel: +81-(0)77-585-7800.

1, Ryûrei style tea ceremony sessions<CLOSED>

Ryûrei (seated) style tea ceremony sessions are held on the first Friday and the third Saturday of each month.
Pre-booking is required using the application form which can be downloaded from the Museum website.

2, Special Tea Ceremony Session<CLOSED>
Host: Raku Kichizaemon XV
Venue: tea room at the Raku Kichizaemon Pavilion
Date: Saturday 4 February 2012
Participating fee: 10,000 yen per person inclusive admission

3. Seiro and Kanro tea ceremony sessions

Seiro tea ceremony sessions: Friday 17 & Saturday 18 June 2011 <CLOSED>
Kanro tea ceremony sessions: Friday 18 & Saturday 19 November 2011

From this year these sessions are held regularly on Fridays and Saturdays instead of Tuesdays and Wednesdays as held in the past year.

Seiro and Kanro tea ceremony sessions are annually held twice at the large tea room ‘Fugyôken’ located in the Raku Kichizaemon Pavilion of the Sagawa Art Museum. The tea room is named after the water garden densely covered with reeds surrounding the tea room. The session is programmed for two seasons, one during early summer with a view of fresh green reeds and the other during late autumn with a view of withered reeds.

4. Roshu tea ceremony session

Wednesday 5 October 2011 <Bookings Closed>

The Roshu tea ceremony was the session launched by Raku Kichizaemon XV in 2009.
This session is held both in a small tea room called ‘Banda-an’ and a large tea room called ‘Fugyôken’ inside the Raku Kichizaemon Pavilion designed by the current generation himself, serving usucha, thin tea, koicha, thick tea, and also holding other tea ceremonies such as kôsen-seki a type of the sencha tea ceremony or tenshin-seki, light meal at tea ceremony. The underlying philosophy is to amalgamate the old and the new, using antique and modern tea utensils side by side to explore and cultivate a new artistic horizon in the realm of the tea ceremony. It is not like those established tea ceremony sessions such as ‘Kôetsu-kai’ or ‘Daishi-kai’ the purpose of which is to appreciate the renown and the antique, nor is a tea practice of various schools of tea. Neither is the tea ceremony using works by contemporary artists. It is the encounter of an old tradition and a new idea to be fused into another culture rebirth that could lead to the future. The new gets challenged and selected going through baptism by the sacred old. The host varies each time. The philosophy, the aesthetic sense as well as the taste of choosing utensils for the tea ceremony are up to the host who could establish a sense of unity within a tea circle. Each session is documented by the current generation Kichizaemon in a form of interview with the host in which the host explains the philosophical background of his tea ceremony together with the images of tea utensils used in the occasion, potentially precious documentation to be handed down in future.
Please inquire the Sagawa Art Museum for more information.

Tea room visits

Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (except first and third Fridays and Museum closing dates)
Pre-booking by telephone is required.
Admission free : \1,000 (exclusive admission to the museum)

Please go to the Sagawa Art Museum website for more information.For further information please consult the Sagawa Art Museum website.
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